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DEC 17, 2022 Caroling

Come One, Come All - Fun for the Whole Family

Join in the Holiday Cheer for all to hear on December 17, 2022, Saturday from 3-5 pm. Promenade or watch as the singers sing for us at Hamilton historic stopping points. Join in as they promenade singing our holiday favorite jingles in between stops. See our Event Program for more details.

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The Promenade

Everyone to convene at Hamilton Amphitheater in holiday cheer wear. Then off we go a caroling. 

2:45 Arrival at Amphitheater

3:00 Sing carols

3:15 Walk to Traditions, sing carols

3:30 Walk to Hamilton Field Museum, sing carols


4:00 Walk to Hamilton Landing, sing carols

4:15 Walk to Hamilton Villas, sing carols

4:30 Walk to MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), sing carols

4:45 Walk to Amphitheater, sing carols

5:00 Farewell and Happy Holidays!

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Press Release

Help us to get the word out. We have flyers to place around town, and press contacts to notify. Download

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The Singers

The promenade will be lead by professional singers: Soprano [Elena Schoen], Alto [Roberta Rigney], Tenor [Jesse Northen] and Bass [ Ian Brown], as they sing through our Hamilton historic landmarks with performed pieces as we as jingles we can all sing. Song List

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Complimentary Hot Chocolate & Cookies

There will be COMPLIMENTARY hot chocolate and sweet goodies to warm us up and fortify our bodies for the continued journey to the historic Hamilton Theater. 

Hot Chocolate Drink


Special thanks to the Golden Gate Opera, Marin Chorus, and all our amazing volunteers for supporting this event. 

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