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We Think Big, And Dream Bigger

This a PASSION project to preserve and build the historic Hamilton Music & Arts Town Center, by building up its music and arts roots as well as adding to it. Tap the original intended use by the early inhabitants of the Hamilton Air Force Base occupation as well as bring expanded persepective. This is our VISION

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Raising The Roof

Fundraising strategy...engaging everyone through financial donations, volunteer work, sponsorship, or just plain old contribution through helping to clean up, run a student car wash, flea market, lunch truck/farmer's market, classic car show ~ you name it! We will consider it to raise the funds.


Renovating Hamilton Theater

Let's bring the place back to life as a live performing arts theater. First floor ticket booth, snack shack and bar, box seating and live stage. This facility will NOT be dedicated to just film. The vision is to make to a live performance stage for plays, comedy shows, live music, and private events.  

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Re-Building Hamilton NCO Club

Rebuild old Hamilton NCO building to create a new place to share artistic ideas and history by building it as a music museum. First floor showcase, along with coffee shop, gift shop, sound booths, and hall of fame, then second story may include archival storage, recording studio, meeting rooms, and offices. In the tradition of the old NCO Club, this will be a great place for music and art appreciation, education and collaboration.


Drive In Outdoor Screen And Hamilton Amphitheater

Add a drive up outdoor screen for live movie showings, mounted on the West or East side of the Hamilton Theater with parking spaces for automobiles. As for the Hamilton Amphitheater, we would like to work with the Novato Park & Recreation to have a permanent stage for live shows and some additional public seating.

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Concert Confetti




Grand Opening

With all this amazing work, we want to also include a space to honor the military presence that built this artistic concept of the Hamilton Arts Town Center. 

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