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Farmer's and Flea Markets

Imagine having flea markets and farmer's markets at the Hamilton Theater parking lot emphasizing artist showcases.

Local Food Festival

Tree Farm + Activities

How about a holiday tree farm with some fun activities for the kids in the Hamilton Theater parking lot.

Festive Spirit

Day On The Green

The Hamilton Ampjitheater currently has live music during the summer months, let's build ont his, by making these shows a Mini Day On The Green.

Live Show

Grounds Cleanup + Pancake Breakfast

Let's get contractors and public utilities to help us clean up the site pre-construction and fees them while they help us rebuild.

Image by Roberto Sorin

Classic Car Showcase + Lunch Trucks

What better way to celebrate old classic automobiles than to allow their owners to share their pride and love of the care and expense they have invested in their classic vehicles. 

Vintage Car Interior

Student Car Wash

Another great way to raise money is to allow students to wash cars to raise money for school activities. 

Cleaning with Soap

Artist Showcase

What better way to experience the artists renting art studios at the MOCA location and beyond in Marin, then to host an artist showcase.

Painting studio

Demolition Day + Pizza Lunch

Demolition is more than just breaking down to rebuild. It means careful, planned removal then a lot of trash. Let's figure out how to do this together and be safe.

Wall Demolition
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